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Helping Humanity

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A series of booklets, compiled from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, on specific subjects covering almost all aspects of human life, our daily strivings and our inner needs. Although a compilation, in its very nature, is likely to have a personal and subjective approach, a sincere attempt, however, has been made to be faithful to the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.                                         

It is hoped that these booklets will inspire the readers to go to the complete works and will help them to mould their lives and their environments towards an ever greater perfection.

Excerpts from Helping Humanity

  • He who has done even a little good to human beings, though he be the worst of sinners, is accepted by God in the ranks of His lovers and servants. He shall look upon the face of the Eternal.
  •  …… no charity is complete if it is not at the same time material, intellectual, spiritual or moral and, above all, loving, for the very essence of charity is love.
  •  From observing the way in which workmen, the needy and all the unfortunate act among themselves, I was forced to conclude that the poor are far more charitable, far more prepared to succour their fellow-sufferers than are those more favoured by fortune.
  • Self-pity is always born of self-love; but pity for others is not always born of love for its object. It is sometimes a self-regarding shrinking from the sight of pain; sometimes the rich man’s contemptuous dole to the pauper. Develop rather God’s divine compassion than human pity.
  • Only the appearance of a new force and light and power accompanying the descent of the supramental consciousness into this world can raise man out of the anguish and pain and misery in which he is submerged.


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