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A fun filled book for the parents and teachers to play with children. It has questions on various topics kindling child’s interest and stories that dwell on the qualities of the heart and mind. 

It is an easy way to discover what your child already knows and also see the progress as you play.

Read the questions with the child and give sufficient time to respond leisurely. Questions are of various difficulty levels. So wherever needed alter them, give hints to encourage a response. 

Accompanying stories will lead your child to dwell on qualities of the heart and mind.

Age Group - 9 years and above

Size - 6.5 x 17.5 x 2.5 cms

Made by : Nava Vihan

Nava Vihan is a unit of Sri Aurobindo Ashram that has grown with a two fold purpose:

  • A centre of creativity designing handcrafted items where the raw materials are mainly HANDMADE PAPER and some natural materials like seeds, leaves,wood etc., thus expressing a love for nature and appreciation of its beauty.
  • Preparing several Educational items, games and books for children of all ages to help them develop various faculties and become sensitive to deeper values.