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The Body Speaks - Healing through Knowledge by Dr. Vandana Gupta

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THE BODY SPEAKS—Healing through Knowledge is a dialogue on an innovative approach to self-healing, using the inner senses of feeling, listening and seeing the body. It is a basic, uncomplicated process described through the experience of some people the author worked with. 

The methods described can go beyond healing the body to a true WELLNESS. There are lights of deeper and deeper intensity. Layers and layers of joy are waiting to unfold. They enter the being and gently ravel or bring to the surface areas that are dark and heavy, tense and constricted. When one looks at these parts and acknowledges them, the heaviness, constriction, blockages or pain dissolve. As one looks deeply and clearly and acknowledges the suffering, a light, joy, peace and vastness fill the being.

Dr. Vandana is a trained allopathic physician/doctor. Her inner quest into the reasons behind human suffering brought her to Pondicherry, where, supported by Sri Aurobindo Society, she learned and practiced various alternate modes of healing. This healing rather than any external support stems from the inner wisdom of the body which can be contacted when one really connects to his or her own self. She currently runs a Healing Centre which facilitates this work.

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