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Necessity for Spiritual Perfection is Perfect Equality

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The first book on subject Equality namely ‘To Prepare for Spiritual Life Cultivate Equality’ was focused on passive equality. The second book on Equality ‘Necessity for Spiritual Perfection is Perfect Equality’ focuses on Active or Positive Equality. This book first explains what spiritual perfection and perfect equality or perfect samata means. Then this book brings out why there is a need of equality in sadhana and how equality helps in sadhana. Then the role of Equality in the Integral Yoga by the conquest of our Emotional and Vital being is discussed. Then the Perfection of Equality of Heart, our Dynamic Being, the Thinking Mind, Physical Consciousness and the eternal Equality of Sachchidananda is brought out. Then it discusses that our perfection will be greater and complete, if we have Active Equality and the role of Active Equality in the Integral Yoga.
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