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Into Great Depth of your Being - Arul Dev

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Into Great Depth of Your Being takes you on an experiential inward journey into your thought and emotional formations, patterns, motives and habits. By going within, you uncover parts of your ‘being’ that are moving on automation mode. You develop the capacity to be conscious, subtly of the relationship between your ‘being’ and the quality of your life. The author provides step-by-step guidance to fine-tune, perfect and balance each part of your being. By delving deeper you are likely to taste the joy of discovery of your unique Inner Presence that influences the flow and fulfillment of various facets of life. Such evolution enables your ‘being’ to be the instrument to catalyze changes that you aspire in your family, organization, institution, society or world at large.

Born in 1972, Arul Dev has been exploring his self since 1994 to discover and teach pathways of experiencing spirituality, purpose, values and potential fulfillment. He believes that this path includes doing Sadhana (Inner Practices) for inner evolution, building the required competencies for outer excellence and a bottom-up leadership approach to forward cultural and collective evolution.

Professionally, he is the Founder CEO of People First Consultants, a firm specializing in niche and value-centered talent hiring, development and education services. He is a guest faculty at IIT Madras for the Self-Awareness, Integral Karmayoga, and Self-Awareness and Higher Goals in Education (SAHGE) courses.

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