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Namah (Volume 24, Issue 2)

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In this Issue:

The Mother: The dynamic realisation

An interview with George Vithoulkas

Dr. Debabrata Sahani: Integral healing

Dr. Soumitra Basu: The non-judgmental attitude


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NAMAH is being published by the Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry. Its purpose is to distill and capture the insights and positive contributions offered by the various approaches and disciplines related to health and healing. In addition, it aims at fostering an integration of the diverse systems in the light of a Yoga psychology, a deeper, spiritual understanding of the human being. It is the aim of the Journal to create a climate conductive to new and creative ideas and experiments in the areas of psychology, health and medicine, unencumbered by prejudices or predilections. Adopting a total view to things as indicated above, the Journal seeks to open up new horizons of understanding and practice for better health and greater wellbeing.

NAMAH is published four times a year on 15 January, 24 April, 15 July,and 15 October. It has about 50 pages (approximate size 17.5 cm X 25.5 cm).