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Chandovallari - Experiencing Sanskrit Prosody

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Chandovallari is an introduction to the Chandas or main metres in Sanskrit. The examples and the indexes enable interested readers to become familiar with the commonly used metres and identify them.

Apart from the introduction there are three main sections:

Section one (Understanding Chandas) explains the place of chandas in Indian literature, the history of chandas and chandashastras(the main texts on metres), the classification of chandas and the rules governing them.

Section two (Experiencing Chandas) deals with nineteen major and well-known metres along with explanations and examples collected from various sources. Each shloka is followed by an English translation. The original Sanskrit texts are given both in Devanagari and in Roman transliteration.

Section three (Indexes) has several indexes to facilitate the readers to become familiar with the Sanskrit metres and understand them easily.

The CD contains audio renderings of the examples of all the nineteen major metres. It is enriched by background music and visuals.

For each metre there are six examples which have been divided into three sets, each containing two verses. Generally the first two (1&2) verses of each metre illustrate the traditional way of reciting or singing the verses. The second two (3&4) are set to a tune based on a particular raga and a tala or rhythmic beat. The third two (5&6) are based on a raga but the tala is absent to facilitate a free singing of the verses. The rendering in all the cases is in harmony with the rules or principles of the metres. 

The contents of the CD-Rom are also available in a book here.

Get a closer look at Chandovallari here


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