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Patient at the Crossroads

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There are plenty of books on the Science and Art of Health & Healing. Each brings its own viewpoint, often focusing on its merits while concealing the demerits of a particular system. An average reader is left stranded upon the crossroads of life and death wondering which way to go. The line between help and harm is often thin when it comes to the choice between various modalities available for treatment, each proclaiming its own as the best, if not the only one. Our temples of learning, 'the Medical Colleges', have turned into scientific bazaars where health is traded-off like a commodity. But in all this what is lost is the patient’s own ability to heal himself.

This book tries to take up some of these questions and answer them in a practical way through useful insights as well as facts that can help an average reader navigate through the paths of life when besieged with ill-health. Though meant for all categories of readers, the book will be especially helpful for the average seeker of health and those looking for an understanding and a direction on issues related to healing. It is also an attempt to provide brief workable guidelines which may be practically useful for resolving some of the health issues that are of a more general nature.

Dr. Alok Pandey has been working in the field of psychiatry with a spiritual approach for more than 15 years. He has developed a working concept of integral health and integral psychology which he is using in his life and practice. He is one of the founders of SAIIIHR.