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The Wonder that is Sanskrit

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Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages of the world. The deeper one goes into it the more one is amazed by its beauty and perfection. Whichever aspect one explores, there seems to be no limit to its treasures and wonders. Its very name means “refined” or “sculpted to perfection”. It is through this language that India has been expressing herself abundantly and incessantly for centuries, and its future rests much on this most dynamic language. But in the recent past, we have been cut off from this voluminous body of the highest wisdom, knowledge and genius. This trend is only now beginning to change, and a resurgence of Sanskrit in all fields of life would also mean a revival of the true spirit of India and its soul-force. It is through Sanskrit that we will be able to connect ourselves with the puissance and the creative thrust which propelled our forefathers to create one of the greatest civilisations in the past.

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  • Much like the sacred river Ganga, Sanskrit has flowed across India for thousands of years, embracing and nourishing, but also uplifting and purifying an entire country and its people and creating a unique civilisation and culture. It has been the most perfect instrument for expressing the thoughts, feelings, aspirations, knowledge and experiences of this ancient culture.
  • Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the history and role of Sanskrit and of the literature, religions and arts imbedded in it, is in countries outside India, its abiding influence which has continued to this day, in the South East Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • While speaking about Sanskrit, Swami Parmarthananda says: “Its richness, beauty, subtlety, clarity and rigour reveals a culture which is rich in its interests, beautiful in its variety, subtle in its depth, clear in its understanding and rigorous in its penetrating analysis.”
  • “Sanskrit is a language which through its contents, sonority and mellifluousness, has the power to life us up above ourselves – it is, as thousands of people would say from their own experience, a potent aid to the formation of character and sense of exaltation, in addition to ensuring a sense of pan-Indian cultural as well as political unity.”